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Poker Dictionary

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Ajax = Ace and Jack in the hole

All-In = when you have bet or called all the chips you have

American Airlines = A pair of Aces in the hole

Ante = Money placed in the pot before the cards are dealt

Big Slick = Pocket Ace King

Blind = an initial forced bet that is put out before the cards are dealt.

Blind Raise = Raise without looking at your hand

Bluff = to bet with a hand you are sure to loose with if you are called

Boat = Full House

Bottom Pair = using the lowest card on the board to make a pair with a card in your hand

Burn = To discard the top card of the deck. This is done to prevent anyone from being able to determine the next card.

Button = round plastic disc with "dealer" on it. It moves around the table with each deal to indicate who is in the dealers position

Call = Matching a bet

Check = If no one else has bet, you have the option of betting or checking

Check Raise = a form of slow playing. Checking with the intent to raise if another player bets.

Community Cards = Also called the flop. The first 3 of the community cards that make up the board

Cowboys = kings

Dead Mans Hand = Two pair, Aces and Eights. Wild Bill Hickok was mudered while holding this hand

Dolly Parton = 9 and 5 hole cards

Doyle Brunson = 10-2 hole cards. Doyle Brunson won the WSOP with this hand

Ducks = twos

Fifth Street = Also called "The River". In flop games, this represents the fifth community card on the table and the final round of betting

Fish = a bad player who can be counted on to loose money

Flop = Also called the community cards. The first 3 of the community cards that make up the board

Flush Draw = When a player has four cards of the same suit and is hoping to draw a fifth to make a flush

Fold = To throw away your hand when its your turn to act

Fourth Street = Also called "The Turn". In flop games, it is the fourth community card dealt and represents the third round of betting.

Heinz = 5 and 7 in the hole

Hole Cards = Also called Pocket. Your 2 cards dealt down.

Jackson Five = Pocket Jack and 5

Kicker = The highest unpaired card in your hand

Kojack = Pocket King and Jack

Ladies = Queens

Limp In = To enter the pot by calling rather than raising

Muck = to put your cards face down in the discard pile (rather than showing)

Nuts = the best possible hand given the cards on the board

Offsuit = cards of a different suite

Open Ended Straight = 4 consecutive cards where 1 additional (consecutive) card is needed at either end to make a straight

Outs = The number of cards left in the deck that will improve your hand

Overcard = A hole card higher than the highest card on the board

Overpair = a pocket pair that is higher than any card on the board

Pocket = your 2 card hand dealt down. Also called the hole.

Pocket Rockets = a pair of aces in the pocket.

Position = your order in the betting process Pot

Rake = money taken out of the pot by the house dealer

Ring Game = a regular game as opposed to a tournament

Rounders - Players who play for a living making the "rounds" of card halls and poker rooms. Also the name of a famous poker movie.

Satellite = a mini-tournament to gain an entry into a larger tournament.

Set = 3 of a kind when you have 2 of the cards in your pocket and 1 on the board

Tell = an involuntary action that gives other players a clue as to what you hold

Tilt = a behavior where you are playing badly, normally the result of loosing.

Top Pair = using the highest card on the board to make a pair with a card in your hand

Trips = 3 of a kind

Underpair = a pocket pair lower in rank than the highest card on the board

WPT = World Poker Tour

WSOP = World Series of Poker

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